Vol. 18 No. 59 (2016)
Vol. 18 No. 59 (2016)


Leslier Maureen Valenzuela Fernández, Francisco Javier Villegas Pinuer
Influence of customer value orientation, brand value, and business ethics level on organizational performance
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Camila Costa, Jorge Carneiro, Rafael Goldszmidt
Country image effect on product assessment: moderating role of consumer nationality
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Aurora A.C. Teixeira, Lilian Cristina Bezerra dos Santos
Innovation performance in service companies and KIBS vis-à-vis manufacturing: the relevance of absorptive capacity and openness
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Tiago Cardão-Pito, Jorge Barros
The application of “fair value” accounting standards to the income statements of companies listed in the Portuguese Stock Index-20 (PSI-20)
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Ricardo Goulart Serra, Wilson Toshiro Nakamura
Is New Ibovespa The Best Investment Option?
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Luciana Carvalho de Mesquita Ferreira, Luciano Aversani Rais
What is the relationship between diversity and performance? A study about the relationship between the proportion of people with disabilities in the productivity of Brazilian firms
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Lucimar Antônio Cabral de Ávila, Carlos Osmar Bertero
Third sector governance: a case study in a university support foundation
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Rodrigo Cunha da Silva, Leonardo Nelmi Trevisan, Elza Fátima Rosa Veloso, Joel Souza Dutra
Career anchors and values from different career management perspectives
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