Vol. 22 No. 3 (2020)


Camilo Prado-Roman, Francisco Diez-Martin, Alicia Blanco-Gonzalez
The effect of communication on the legitimacy and performance of organizations
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Luciana Klein, Romualdo Douglas Colauto
Perceptions of organizational justice in incentive contracts and their effect on congruence between personal and organizational goals
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Keysa Manuela Cunha de Mascena, Simone R. Barakat, Giuliana Isabella, Adalberto A. Fischmann
The Influence of Board Structure and Ownership Concentration on GRI Reporting
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Simone Leticia Raimundini Sanches, Kelli Juliane Favato, Evelise Slewinski, Marguit Neumann
Sensemaking of Financial Institution Actors in the Adoption and Elaboration of Integrated Reporting
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Raquel M. Gaspar, Paulo Lopes Henriques, Ana Rita Corrente
Trust in Financial Markets: the Role of the Human Element
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Maria Elisabete Duarte Neves, Maria Manuela Cunha, João Vilas
Determinants of Dividends in the Telecommunications Sector
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Itsaso Barrainkua, Marcela Espinosa Pike
Antecedents of organisational professional conflict faced by professional accountants in different work settings
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Yong Liu, Danyu Huang, Meng Wang, Yaru Wang
How do Service Quality, Value, Pleasure, and Satisfaction Create Loyalty to Smart Dockless Bike-Sharing Systems?
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Milad Farzin, Hossein Vazifedust, Karim Hamdi
Projective Techniques for Understanding Cyber-Market Mavenism in Social Network Sites
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Juan Carlos Eiras Fontenla, Luciana Florêncio de Almeida
The Importance of Positive Word-of-Mouth (PWOM) in Leisure Services Consumption by Third Age
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