Vol. 16 No. 53 (2014)
Vol. 16 No. 53 (2014)


Edson Wilson Torrens, Mohamed Amal, Gérson Tontini
Determinants of Export Performance of Small and Medium-sized Manufacturing Brazilian Enterprises from the Perspective of Resource-based View and Uppsala Model
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Manuel Guisado-González, Manuel Guisado-Tato, Carlos Ferro-Soto
Complementarity between Internal R&D and R&D Cooperation in the Context of Spanish Technological Opportunities
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Jesús Manuel López-Bonilla, Luis Miguel López-Bonilla
Validation of the Need for Social Interaction Scale between Customer and Service Provider
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António Augusto Cabral Marques Fernandes, Luís António Nunes Lourenço, Maria José Aguilar Madeira Silva
Influence of Quality Management on the Innovative Performance
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Claudia Emiko Yoshinaga, Thiago Borges Ramalho
Behavioral Finance in Brazil: applying the prospect theory to potential investors
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Fábio Luiz Zandoval Bonazzi, Moisés Ari Zilber
Innovation and Business Model: a case study about integration of Innovation Funnel and Business Model Canvas
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João Paulo Capelli Martins, Luiz Antonio Slongo
The Digital Music Market: a study of Brazilian consumers’ behavior
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Ana Cristina dos Anjos Grilo Pinto de Sá, Patricia Helena Ferreira Lopes de Moura e Sá
Job Characteristics and Their Implications on the Satisfaction Levels of Call Center Employees: a study on a large telecommunications company
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