Vol. 21 No. 4 (2019)
Vol. 21 No. 4 (2019)


Lucas Lira Finoti, Ana Maria Machado Toaldo, Loise Cristina Schwarzbach, Renato Zancan Marchetti
Marketing Strategy Process: analyzing the sequential relationships among its strategic activities
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Ana Cristina Munaro, Elaine Martins, Heitor Takashi Kato
The effect of consumption motivation on the perception of gift store attributes in jewelry retail stores and its influence on repurchase intention
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Bibiana Conrad, Graziela Dias Alperstedt, Aline Regina Santos
Inclusive Service Experience Management: a Framework from the Perspective of People with Visual Impairment
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Yong Liu, Fu Cui, Xiaowei Su, Xiaojing Du
How Social Support Motivates Trust and Purchase Intentions in Mobile Social Commerce
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Wendy Beatriz Witt Haddad Carraro, Raquel Meneses, Carlos Brito
Combining Categories of Management Control Tools for High Performance of Start-ups
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Chen Han, Shanxing Gao
A Chain Multiple Mediation Model Linking Strategic, Management, and Technological Innovations to Firm Competitiveness
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Dante Baiardo Cavalcante Viana Junior, Vicente Lima Crisóstomo
The Effects of Voting Ownership Concentration on Social and Environmental Disclosure: Empirical Evidence from Brazil
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Eduardo Flores, Alexsandro Broedel Lopes
Decrease in the Value Relevance of Accounting Information in Electric Distributors after the Brazilian IFRS adoption
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Jose Manuel Lasierra
Generational differences in work in Spain. A review
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Fernando Andre Zemuner Garcia, Rosária de Fátima Segger Macri Russo
Leadership and Performance of the Software Development Team: Influence of the Type of Project Management
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