Vol. 21 (2019): Special Issue - Global Value Chains, Business Networks and Strategy
Special Issue - Global Value Chains, Business Networks and Strategy


John Humphrey, Emanuela Todeva, Eduardo Armando, Ernesto Giglio
Global Value Chains, Business Networks, Strategy and International Business: The Convergence
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Marcos Fava Neves, Rafael Bordonal Kalaki, Jonny Mateus Rodrigues, Allan Wayne Gray
Food and Agribusiness Chains Strategic Planning and Management: The ChainPlan Method (Framework)
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Bruno Anicet Bittencourt, Aurora Carneiro Zen, Frèderic Prévot
INNOVATION CAPABILITY OF CLUSTERS: Understanding the innovation of geographic business netowrks.
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Luis Oliveira, Afonso Fleury, Maria Tereza Fleury
Closing the gap between Business Networks and Value Chain Analysis
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Ana Maria Lima, Kadigia Faccin, Alsones Balestrin, Diego Marconatto
The institutionalization of the cooperation: A institutional work analysis in a vulnerable community from Amazon Region
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Vinicius Farias Moreira, Walter Fernando Araujo de Moraes Fernando Araujo Moraes, Jose Luis Hervas-Oliver, Samuely Bezerra Barbos Laurentino
Geographic Concentration of Companies and Relationship Resources at the Horizontal Level
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Mary Fernanda de Sousa de Melo, Roberta Souza Pião, Willerson Lucas Campos-Silva, José Geraldo Vidal Vieira
The relationship between corporate social responsibility and competitiveness: proposition of a theoretical model moderated by participation in global value chains
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Paulo Jordão Oliveira Cerqueira Forte, Caio Flavio Stettiner, Marcelo T Okano
Governance and Upgrading in GVC: Why Embeddedness Matters?
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