Vol. 22 No. 4 (2020)


José Antonio Camacho Ballesta, Bladimir José de la Hoz Rosales, Ignacio Tamayo Torres
Entrepreneurship and Human Development: An International Analysis
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Riaz Ali, Muhammad Kashif
The Role of Resonant Leadership, Workplace Friendship and Serving Culture in predicting Organizational Commitment: the Mediating Role of Compassion at Work
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Ananda Borgert Armani, Maira Petrini, Ana Clarissa Santos
What are the Attributes of Sustainable Leadership?
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Mehdi Mahdavi, Belem Barbosa, Zaíla Oliveira, Valentina Chkoniya
Sounds of scents: olfactory-auditory correspondences in the online purchase experience for perfume
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Juan José Camou Viacava, Paulo de Paula Baptista
The effects of easy and difficult business relationship evaluations on purchase intentions
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Antonio Carlos Gastaud Maçada, Rafael Alfonso Brinkhues, José Carlos da Silva Freitas Jr.
The influence of Information Management Capability on Companies’ Sustainable Competitive Advantage: A Multiple-Case Study of Brazilian Market-Leading Companies
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Vinicius Augusto Brunassi Silva, Richard Saito, Paulo Martins Manoel, Mariana Aparecida Calabrez Oreng
Determinants of Delays in Corporate Reorganizations
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Natividad Rodríguez-Masero, Jesús D. López-Manjón
The Usefulness of Operating Cash Flow for Predicting Business Bankruptcy in Medium-Sized Firms
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Daniela Albuquerque, Ana Isabel Morais, Inês Pinto
The role of banking supervision in credit risk disclosures and loan loss provisions
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Adriana Uquillas, Francis Flores
Economic and financial determinants of bankrupcy: evidence from Ecuador's private banks and the impact of dollarization on financial fragility
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