Vol. 16 No. 52 (2014)
Vol. 16 No. 52 (2014)


José Álvarez García, María de la Cruz del Río Rama, Mercedes Vila Alonso
The Effects of Quality Management Practices on Key Results: questionnaires sample for the industry of tourist accommodation in Spain
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Aurora Carneiro Zen, Jaime Evaldo Fensterseifer, Frédéric Prévot
The impact of export performance resources of companies belonging to clusters: a study in the French winery industry
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Elvis Silveira-Martins, Carlos Ricardo Rosseto, Nilton Cesar Lima, Antonio Sergio Torres Penedo
Strategic behavior and ambidexterity: a study applied along the Brazilian wineries
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Rocío Aliaga Isla
Immigrants’ perception of business opportunities in Spain: the impact of general and specific human capital
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Éderson Luiz Piato, Márcio Lopes Pimenta, Fábio Roberto Fowler
Cars that Provide Pleasure: a study about the connection between attributes and personal values of buyers from São Paulo
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Paulo Henrique Donassolo, Celso Augusto de Matos
The predictors of sales performance: a study with wholesale sellers
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Artur Filipe Ewald Wuerges, José Alonso Borba
Accounting Fraud: an estimation of detection probability
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Eduardo Schiehll, Suzanne Landry
Perceived controllability and fairness in performance evaluation
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