Change Appraisals and Job Crafting as Foundation to Inculcate Support for Change: A Dual Manifestation
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Mehboob, F., Othman, N., Fareed, M., & Raza, A. (2022). Change Appraisals and Job Crafting as Foundation to Inculcate Support for Change: A Dual Manifestation. Review of Business Management, 24(2). Retrieved from


Purpose – Organizational change does not always have just negative repercussions but also have positive implications. Drawing on cognitive appraisal theory and the job-demands resources model, this study aims to examine the differential effects of change related challenge-threat appraisals on employees’ change supportive behaviour. The study proposes that challenge-threat appraisals provide impetus for change recipients to enact approach-avoidance job crafting behaviors during the times of organizational change, a relationship that is moderated by hope.

Design/methodology/approach Data was collected from bank staff of one of the leading bank in Pakistan that has been going through a major techno-structural change. Using self-reported questionnaire by cross-sectional mean the study has tested the proposed research framework by employing multivariate analysis techniques to accomplish the research objectives.

Findings The findings showed challenge appraisal positively while threat appraisal negatively predicted employees’ change supportive behaviour. Moreover, approach-avoidance job crafting provides robust channel to intervene and influence the proposed direct relationships. Furthermore, hope has moderated and strengthened the positive association between challenge appraisal and approach job crafting. However, it failed to establish its moderating role to influence the relationship between threat and avoidance job crafting. 

Originality/value The study offers fresh theoretical, empirical and practical insights in the existing body of change literature. It contributes to the research on organizational change by addressing multiple perspectives in a single study such as by simultaneously examining the person and context factors, activation phenomenon and dual perspectives to unfold one’s behavioural support to change.


Keywords -

Challenge-threat Appraisals, Job Crafting, Hope, Change Supportive Behavior, Organizational Change

PDF (Português (Brasil))

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