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Special issue call for papers from Review of Business Management - RBGN


Guest Editors:


John Humphrey

 Emanuela Todeva

 Research Centre for Business Clusters, Networks and Economic Development, University of Surrey

Eduardo Armando

 FIA Business School, Brazil

In the last two decades Global Value Chain (GVC) literature evolved substantially. Concepts such as governance and upgrading within the chains have widened discussions in the academic and policy making spaces. At the same time, the GVC literature seems not to take into account the advancements in the business strategy field, as it should. Firms may take an active role when engaged in GVCs. Business strategies are at the core of positioning of firms. These strategies encompass firm capabilities and knowledge.


The literature on upgrading has treated firm’s strategy and profits as being apart from the phenomena of inter-firm links in supply chains. The assumption that upgrading always increases profits should at least be questioned. There may be other routes to enhance firm performance and profits from participation in GVCs. Among these new options, research may explore the linkages to localities and clusters and how the business context of domestic and foreign markets matter.


Some of the questions this special issue aims to discuss are the following:


  1. What are the possible business strategies that firms might develop to achieve higher performance and profits within GVCs?
  2. Can we challenge the notion of “the more sophisticated the upgrading, the better the performance, results and profits”?
  3. What are the challenges in terms of resources and knowledge within GVCs and how can firms develop critical capabilities to leverage enhanced performance within GVCs?
  4. How does the connection to localities and cluster membership influence the processes of acquiring capabilities and GVC participation?
  5. How do merger and acquisition strategies change firm level capabilities and the dynamics of GVCs?
  6. How can multinational companies (MNCs), and in particular those from emergent economies,  proactively manage their own value chains?
  7. How does the analysis of firm specialization within strategic alliances and business networks improve our understanding of GVCs?
  8. In what ways do diversification strategies affect the structure of GVCs and what are the analytical approaches that will enhance our understanding of this relationship?


Submission Process

Submissions for this special issue must be in English and are due on May, 30th, 2016


Please, submit your article online at:


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Vol 17, No 58 (2015)

Table of Contents


Maider Aldaz, Igor Alvarez, José Antonio Calvo
Luiz Felipe de A. Pontes Girão, Orleans Silva Martins, Edilson Paulo
Luis Fernando Hor-Meyll, Geraldo Pinto Godoy Jr.
Iná Futino Barreto, Edson Crescitelli, Júlio César Bastos Figueiredo
Francisco Liébana-Cabanillas, Francisco Muñoz-Leiva, Juan Sánchez-Fernández
Mario Gilberto Lütkemeyer Filho, Guilherme Luís Roehe Vaccaro, Ernani Cesar de Freitas
Wander Leonhardt Ribeiro, Geciane Silveira Porto
Maria Rosario Alves Moreira, Sofia R.S. Andrade, Paulo S.A. Sousa