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Vol 9, No 25 (2007) Globalization and International Accounting Research: an agenda for the future Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))   PDF   PDF (Español (España))
Armond Manassian
Vol 21 (2019): Special Issue - Global Value Chains, Business Networks and Strategy Governance and Upgrading in GVC: Why Embeddedness Matters? Abstract   PDF   PDF (Português (Brasil))
Paulo Jordão Oliveira Cerqueira Forte, Caio Flavio Stettiner, Marcelo T Okano
Vol 8, No 21 (2006) Governance in the Network Business Structure: a comparative study Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))   PDF   PDF (Español (España))
Eunice Lacava Kwasnicka
Vol 11, No 31 (2009) Governance Mechanisms and Processes of Succession: a study on the influence of the elements of corporate governance in the direction of the succession process in a family business Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))   PDF   PDF (Español (España))
Janete Lara de Oliveira Bertucci, Elismar Álvares da Silva Campos, Thiago Duarte Pimentel, Rafael Diogo Pereira
Vol 14, No 43 (2012) Governance, Succession, and Formalization of Management in Family Businesses: (re)organizing the role played by multi-generation families Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))
Janete Lara de Oliveira, Ana Luiza Albuquerque, Rafael Diogo Pereira
Vol 11, No 30 (2009) Green Marketing: integrated social and environmental responsibility in the marketing environment Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))   PDF   PDF (Español (España))
Marlon Dalmoro, Jonas Cardona Venturini, Breno Augusto Diniz Pereira
Vol 11, No 30 (2009) Green Wine Market Segmentation in the North of Portugal: the case of restaurateur managers Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))   PDF   PDF (Español (España))
Ana Oliveira-Brochado, Francisco Vitorino Martins
Vol 15, No 48 (2013) Hedonism as a Decision Factor and Technologic Usage Abstract   PDF   PDF (Português (Brasil))
Emílio José Montero Arruda Filho, Ruby Roy Dholakia
Vol 14, No 44 (2012) Hermeneutic Questions in Organizational Studies: two interpretative possibilities for research Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))
Almir Martins Vieira, Dario Paulo Barrera Rivera
Vol 20, No 4 (2018) How do Consumption Values Influence Online Purchase Intention among School Leavers in Malaysia? Abstract   PDF   PDF (Português (Brasil))
T. Ramayah, Syed Abidur Rahman, Ng Ching Ling
Vol 22, No 3 (2020) How do Service Quality, Value, Pleasure, and Satisfaction Create Loyalty to Smart Dockless Bike-Sharing Systems? Abstract   PDF   PDF (Português (Brasil))
Yong Liu, Danyu Huang, Meng Wang, Yaru Wang
Vol 21, No 4 (2019) How Social Support Motivates Trust and Purchase Intentions in Mobile Social Commerce Abstract   PDF   PDF (Português (Brasil))
Yong Liu, Fu Cui, Xiaowei Su, Xiaojing Du
Vol 20, No 3 (2018) How to improve firm performance through employee diversity and organisational culture Abstract   PDF   PDF (Português (Brasil))
Rafael Triguero-Sánchez, Jesus Peña-Vinces, Jorge Guillen
Vol 11, No 33 (2009) Human Capital Management: comparison in the location of softwares of human capital management among the countries Brazil, Argentina and Mexico Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))   PDF   PDF (Español (España))
Oscar Dalfovo, Dilson Dias
Vol 17, No 56 (2015) Human Resources Management in the Company, Performance and Sense of Commitment Abstract   PDF   PDF (Español (España))
Armando Cuesta Santos
Vol 10, No 28 (2008) IB Theory and the entry of MNCs in Brazil from 1850 to 2007 Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))   PDF   PDF (Español (España))
Marcos Amatucci, Ilan Avrichir
Vol 17, No 58 (2015) Identification of customer satisfaction in services: a study on agribusiness dealers Abstract   PDF   PDF (Português (Brasil))
Mario Gilberto Lütkemeyer Filho, Guilherme Luís Roehe Vaccaro, Ernani Cesar de Freitas
Vol 16, No 52 (2014) Immigrants’ perception of business opportunities in Spain: the impact of general and specific human capital Abstract   PDF   PDF (Português (Brasil))
Rocío Aliaga Isla
Vol 17, No 54 (2015) Impact of Information and Communication Technologies in International Negotiation Performance Abstract   PDF (Español (España))   PDF
Jose Alejandro Cano, Jose Jaime Baena
Vol 14, No 43 (2012) Impact of the Level of Disclosure of Financial Information on the Pricing of Shares in the Context of Adverse Selection Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))
Diogo Henrique Silva de Lima, Jomar Miranda Rodrigues, César Augusto Tibúrcio Silva, José Dionísio Gomes da Silva
Vol 11, No 32 (2009) Impact of the Subprime Crisis in the Provision of Credit Risk of Major National Banks Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))   PDF   PDF (Español (España))
Jorge Ribeiro de Toledo Filho, Adriana Kroenke, Ari Sothe
Vol 18, No 60 (2016) Impairment losses: causes and impacts Abstract   PDF   PDF (Português (Brasil))
Joaquim Santana Fernandes, Cristina Gonçalves, Cristina Guerreiro, Luis Nobre Pereira
Vol 6, No 15 (2004) Implementing the concept of Organizational Life Cycle in the definition and Determinations Phases of a Retailers Organization Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))   PDF   PDF (Español (España))
Abramo Nicola Battilana, Valter Beraldo
Vol 9, No 24 (2007) Imprecision in Strategic Management: an Approach Based on Complex Thinking Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))   PDF   PDF (Español (España))
Wilson Weber, Edison Fernandes Pólo
Vol 6, No 14 (2004) In search of the meaning of the work: overview of a qualitative study among executives Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))   PDF   PDF (Español (España))
Roberto Coda, Glaucia Falcone Fonseca
Vol 21, No 4 (2019) Inclusive Service Experience Management: a Framework from the Perspective of People with Visual Impairment Abstract   PDF   PDF (Português (Brasil))
Bibiana Conrad, Graziela Dias Alperstedt, Aline Regina Santos
Vol 19, No 66 (2017) Income smoothing: a study of the health sector’s credit unions Abstract   PDF   PDF (Português (Brasil))
Valéria Gama Fully Bressan, Douglas Coelho de Souza, Aureliano Angel Bressan
Vol 21, No 3 (2019) Income Tax of Portuguese Listed Companies in Financial and Corporate Social Responsibility Reports Abstract   PDF   PDF (Português (Brasil))
Julija Cassiano Neves, Fábio Henrique Ferreira de Albuquerque
Vol 21, No 3 (2019) Increasing Consumers’ Hypermarket Visit Intention through Cause-Related Marketing: A Perspective from the Theory of Planned Behaviour Abstract   PDF   PDF (Português (Brasil))
Kay Tze Hong, Siew Imm Ng, Raja Nerina Raja Yusof, Shivee Ranjanee Kaliappan
Vol 9, No 23 (2007) Index by Author - 2006 Details   PDF (Português (Brasil))   PDF   PDF (Español (España))
Vol 10, No 26 (2008) Index by Author - 2007 Details   HTML (Português (Brasil))   PDF (Português (Brasil))   PDF   PDF (Español (España))
Vol 9, No 23 (2007) Index by Thematic Area - 2006 Details   PDF (Português (Brasil))   PDF   PDF (Español (España))
Vol 10, No 26 (2008) Index by Thematic Area - 2007 Details   HTML (Português (Brasil))   PDF (Português (Brasil))   PDF   PDF (Español (España))
Vol 14, No 45 (2012) Industrial Network Membership: reducing psychic distance hazards in internationalization of firms Abstract   PDF
João Carvalho Santos, Manuel Portugal Ferreira, Nuno Manuel Rosa dos Reis
Vol 17, No 58 (2015) Influence of age in the adoption of new mobile payment systems Abstract   PDF   PDF (Español (España))
Francisco Liébana-Cabanillas, Francisco Muñoz-Leiva, Juan Sánchez-Fernández
Vol 18, No 59 (2016) Influence of customer value orientation, brand value, and business ethics level on organizational performance Abstract   PDF   PDF (Português (Brasil))
Leslier Maureen Valenzuela Fernández, Francisco Javier Villegas Pinuer
Vol 16, No 50 (2014) Influence of Individual Values Dissimilarity in the Outcome of top Management Teams: a study in a management lab Abstract   PDF   PDF (Português (Brasil))
Jorge Ramon D'Acosta Rivera, Silvia Marcia Russi de Domenico, Antonio Carlos Aidar Sauaia
Vol 15, No 48 (2013) Influence of Lifestyles Related to Eating Habits in Ready Meal Consumption: comparative study between São Paulo and Rome Abstract   PDF   PDF (Português (Brasil))
Paulette Siekierski, Mateus Canniatti Ponchio, Vivian Iara Strehlau
Vol 16, No 53 (2014) Influence of Quality Management on the Innovative Performance Abstract   PDF   PDF (Português (Brasil))
António Augusto Cabral Marques Fernandes, Luís António Nunes Lourenço, Maria José Aguilar Madeira Silva
Vol 9, No 23 (2007) Information Systems Integration: analyzing Brazilian organizations approaches Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))   PDF   PDF (Español (España))
José Osvaldo De Sordi, Bernadete de Lourdes Marinho
Vol 8, No 21 (2006) Information Technology Contribution for Local Production Arrangements Formation Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))   PDF   PDF (Español (España))
Marco Antonio Pinheiro da Silveira, Ronaldo Zwicker
Vol 16, No 53 (2014) Innovation and Business Model: a case study about integration of Innovation Funnel and Business Model Canvas Abstract   PDF   PDF (Português (Brasil))
Fábio Luiz Zandoval Bonazzi, Moisés Ari Zilber
Vol 7, No 17 (2005) Innovation and Technological Imitation as Competitive Strategy Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))   PDF   PDF (Español (España))
Antonio César Galhardi, Sérgio Baptista Zaccarelli
Vol 15, No 48 (2013) Innovation as a Tool for Generating Value in the IT Services Sector Abstract   PDF   PDF (Português (Brasil))
César Augusto Biancolino, Emerson Antonio Maccari, Maurício Fernandes Pereira
Vol 21 (2019): Special Issue - Global Value Chains, Business Networks and Strategy INNOVATION CAPABILITY OF CLUSTERS: Understanding the innovation of geographic business netowrks. Abstract   PDF   PDF (Português (Brasil))
Bruno Anicet Bittencourt, Aurora Carneiro Zen, Frèderic Prévot
Vol 18, No 59 (2016) Innovation performance in service companies and KIBS vis-à-vis manufacturing: the relevance of absorptive capacity and openness Abstract   PDF   PDF (Português (Brasil))
Aurora A.C. Teixeira, Lilian Cristina Bezerra dos Santos
Vol 17, No 58 (2015) Insider Trading B-side: relevance, timeliness and position influence Abstract   PDF   PDF (Português (Brasil))
Luiz Felipe de A. Pontes Girão, Orleans Silva Martins, Edilson Paulo
Vol 15, No 48 (2013) Institutional and Strategic Influences on IT Architecture Decisions: comparative case studies in Brazilian companies Abstract   PDF   PDF (Português (Brasil))
Chen Wen Hsing, Cesar Alexandre Souza
Vol 6, No 16 (2004) Instruments for the Evaluation Analysis of Performance and Risk in the Brazilian Stock Market: a study of the market anomalies at (BOVESPA) Sao Paulo Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))   PDF   PDF (Español (España))
Eolo Marques Pagnani, Francisco José Olivieri
Vol 21, No 1 (2019) Integration mechanisms for different types of innovation: case study in innovative companies Abstract   PDF   PDF (Português (Brasil))
Fabiane Letícia Lizarelli, José Carlos de Toledo, Dário Henrique Alliprandini
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